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    Accurate pull-off force with temperature load?

    Jordan Truitt

      I'm trying to simulate a pull-off force of a part after experiencing a temperature load. I think my issue is fixture related. I attached an image of the setup and the problem I'm experiencing. I'm performing a nonlinear analysis for this. For the first half of the simulation the top part is cooled down to the correct temperature around the press fit part. For the second half the ring piece at the bottom goes through a 2 mm displacement which should slide the top part a little over 1 mm. So there isn't an issue with cooling it down, its when I go to strip the part off where something goes wrong. It seems to simulate the first 5 time steps fine then the last 10 or so the top part is completely stripped off. There is friction on the shrink fit contact set. I get an "Out of balance force is diverging error" but I don't know how to fixture or balance the forces to allow unconstrained thermal expansion and measure the force to move it through a displacement. Any thoughts?