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Drawing Sketch Relations Break Upon Move

Question asked by Chad Cutter on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by Chad Cutter

So for some reason in 2018 when working on drawings and adding sketch lines, for example, creating a grid layout to separate between views.  If I want to move the lines, relations between sketches should remain.  But for some reason they break and I get a popup notifying that "move entity well break you want to continue"  If you click yes....well the line moves with relations broken.  If you click "NO" it makes a copy with the original line remaining and a new line is placed at the new location again with relations broken.


This just started in 2018, never before has the happened.  I've looked through settings with no luck.  Now if I start a new drawing and select a default SW template...sketches work as expected.  But templates that I've had for yrs do not.


Anyone else come across this?  If so did you find a fix without having to rebuild your templates?