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Find cutting length of tube from a *.stp file

Question asked by Lars Hansen on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2017 by Deepak Gupta

Hey everyone

I work at a metal shop, where we receive *.stp files with drawn tubes of various length, # of holes, bends and so on, which is then being cut on our two Trumpf Tubelasers, but before I can get to the cutting step, I need a proper cost calculation process, which is why I'm searching for support on this forum.


As of now, we have no real way (read; easy way) of determining the amount of milimeters which is needed to be cut to create the part (for cost calculation).

Anyone of you who is familiar with a program which could be usefull in this situation, or know an easy way in Solid Works to do this?


I'm not necessarily searching for a program which is able to give me a final cost calculation (would be preferred obviously) - but merely a piece of software capable of calculating the total cut lenght (I'm well aware it may not be capable of distinguish between engraving and cutting, which is irrelevant at this point)


I've attached a *.stp file, an example of a tube we could receive from a customer.

As of now, we are using a software called "Glovius" to open the stp files, and finding various information, which is then merged afterwards for cost calculation - but its a very slow and therefore expensive method to do so.


Hope you understand my problem, and may have a solution for this



Lars Hansen