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Slow Movement Issue with 3D Mouse

Question asked by Austin Broeker on Nov 2, 2017
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I'm not really sure where else to turn on this one, so I'm taking a stab in the dark here... Do any of you that use a 3D mouse also use apps through Citrix Receiver, or use QAD for your ERP system?


My company uses QAD Enterprise Applications for our ERP. For years now we've been on QAD 2008SE and everything has been fine. Recently, our IT department has begun updating everyone to QAD 2016EE, and I've learned a terrible fact - my 3D mouse (old SpacePilot) does not play well with this new version. The 3D mouse works fine until I start the new QAD application, then if I try switching back to my Solidworks window it moves so slowly that it's basically unusable (see attached "3D mouse_slow" video).


At first, I thought the issue was due to the fact that I have to access the QAD 2016 app remotely using Citrix Receiver (I've heard 3D mice do not do well when used remotely), but I also access the QAD 2008 app the same way and the mouse still works fine after opening that. I've tried updating to the latest driver from 3DConnexion, but my mouse is too old and won't run on the latest - the most recent driver I found that works with my SpacePilot is 3DxWare 10.4.10. The only clues I have as to what might be causing the problem are:


1) This error when I first open the application:


Clicking "No" allows me to logon to QAD but causes the issue with the 3D mouse. Clicking "Yes" allows the mouse to keep working correctly but causes QAD to close and gives me this error:


2) The processes listed in Task Manager before and after loading QAD 2016:


Even after closing the QAD app and Citrix Receiver, and stopping and restarting the 3DxWare driver, the problem still persists. The only way to get back to normal without restarting my computer is to end the Citrix HDX Engine through Task Manager, reopen the QAD app, wait for the "USB Error" message and click "Yes". This seems to clear out the Citrix stuff and reestablish my 3D mouse.


I also checked my settings in 3DxWare to make sure it didn't just bump my speed down, but now I'm at a loss for what else to do - I can't get help from 3DConnexion because my SpacePilot is no longer supported and I can't update to the latest driver, our IT department doesn't know how to help beyond a few general suggestions, I can't find anything regarding this issue online, and I'm too addicted to my 3D mouse to ever quit using it...


Help me Solidworks users,


12/27/2017 - edited post to reduce emphasis on Citrix Receiver.