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    Visualize version compatiblity issues?

    Bill Toft

      To stay compatible with my various clients, I have all 64-bit releases of SolidWorks (2014 to 2018) installed on my PC.

      That means I also now have 3 releases of Visualize installed (2016 to 2018). As a result I now have 3 different Visualize Content folders.


      Because Visualize does not change file formats with each release, I don't think there is any need to keep the older Visualize Content folders?

      I can just copy older projects into the 2018 folder, plus any unique appearances?

      Then can I uninstall Visualize 2016 & 2017?


      I know there is a 2018 feature to better link to SW but only  for SW2018. Not a problem for me because if I was rendering for a client with an older SW release, I would just copy his part/assembly files to a new 2018 CAD folder.

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          Scott Ellery

          Hi Bill ,


          I have done this with all of my visualize content without issue , all my 2016 and 2017 files are now in 2018.


          just keep in mind they are not backwards compatible just like SOLIDWORKS files

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            Bill Toft

            I am about to start working with a new client that has SW2017 Premium & Visualize Standard. I have Visualize Professional 2017 & 2018 installed and I want to stay compatible and also not use any Professional features on his project files.


            I have a common "SOLIDWORKS Visualize Content" folder with sub-folders for Cameras, Textures, Plates, Environments, Images, Projects, Appearances, Models & Palettes.


            I know project files are not backward compatible, so I will use my 2017 Visualize and have a separate 2017 sub-folder in Projects.


            But, what about the other sub-folders? For example, are Appearance files compatible between releases? I have those new native SolidWorks appearances that came with 2018 and want to be able to use them in 2017.


            Also, I have the product matrix that shows the Professional-only features.

            Visualization Matrix | Products | SOLIDWORKS

            I will use this to remind myself which features not to use.


            But I was wondering if I could change my Visualize 2017 license to be the Standard one, but keep my 2018 Professional license?

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                Ron Bates

                Custom content you might have saved/exported from 2018 will not be compatible with 2017.  e.g. a custom appearance exported from 2018 won't work in 2017.


                But the native SOLIDWORKS Appearances that ship with 2018, and that are on the cloud, are all created in 2017 so you'll still be able to use them without any problem.


                As for downgrading your license, I don't think it should be needed (if even possible...I'm not sure).  If you save a project using "professional-only" features, the project will still open in Standard.  Said features will either not be present, or un-editable, but otherwise shouldn't cause any problems.  Using the matrix to guide as to what features to use/save in the project is still probably a good idea.

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                    Bill Toft

                    Thanks Ron. I will follow your advice.

                    The assembly will be native SW2017 and I will apply SW appearances before exporting to Visualize 2017.

                    Glad to know I can use the latest Visualize appearances!


                    By the way, I went to the web and used the Print icon to send the Matrix to my B&W laser printer. But the boxes in each column did not show up! So I had to manually highlight the Professional features by using the web page as a reference.

                    Suggestion: Add a PDF download for the Matrix. And maybe use X instead of a white box.