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    Trying to make a specific mouse curve

    Kieran Buckley

      For my project I'm trying to make a computer mouse that's based off the Razer Naga, but the curve is proving difficult. Since it would be near impossible to describe using words, I'm including some images I drew to try and explain it.

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          Alex Burnett

          I would recommend creating a boundary surface with guide curves that dictate your profile as it follows the path. The result I made is shown in the picture below. The front has the parabolic profile that you were talking about while the rest of the surface from the mid plane back is curved with a radius.



          1. Sketch center profile in the right plane.

          2. Create parallel planes to the front plane on the ends and center and sketch the surface profile.

          3. Create 3D sketch of spline to fit the side of the mouse surface profile to make the desired shape

          4. Finally, create boundary surface from these elements:

          Plane 1, 2 and 3 sketches are your Direction 1 elements. the Right plane sketch and 3D side sketch(es) are your Direction 2 elements.

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            Christian Chu

            First, you need to learn some basic surface modeling before starting your project

            Here is one sample which you can use for your ref