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Solidworks Simulation Question

Question asked by Mark Evans on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2017 by Mark Evans

I have a rather large frame structure that is going to be hung from an overhead crane via a 4 point lift sling. The lift sling will be attached to the frame with hoist ring lifting eyes (which are free to rotate in 2 directions). An image of the frame (with representative sling) and hoist rings are shown below.




With that being said, how should I constrain this frame so that it deflects properly? The 4 hoist ring attachment points will translate and rotate slightly in the X, Y, and Z due to the deformation of this frame caused by gravity and external loads.  Originally I started to try and simulate the lift sling with 4 link connectors between the frame attachment points and a common centralized point. According to what I understand, the link connectors are defined between 2 points or vertexes and are hinged (free to rotate) at both ends. I was able to successfully define the link connectors but when I try to constrain the central point where all the link connectors originate from, I am unsuccessful. (See below)



Does anyone have any ideas as to how I might be able to properly constrain this frame and analyze it? Thanks.