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How to Obtain Deflection vs Force curve from a Non linear 4 point bending

Question asked by Krishna Muralli on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2017 by Bill McEachern


I am simulating a 4 point bending test. I have a beam profile which has a roller support at the two sides. I have two pusher which pushes the beam until failure. Goal is to obtain the maximum load and deflection. I use a prescribed displacement option to make the pusher to push the beam.

I need results in terms of Deflection Vs load curve.

The method which i employ is:

1. Create a reaction Forces curve (reaction force vs time)

2.Same way from displacement obtain (displacement vs time)

3. Use excel to use Reaction force vs Displacement


Please suggest me if this is the right way to generate Deflection Vs Force curve?


Thank you