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How to Transition / Fade an appearance?

Question asked by Bill Toft on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 2, 2017 by Bill Toft

Using SW2018 Pro & VIZ2018 Pro to animate a pipe joint that expands until it hits retaining plates (straight forward).

I then want to show the pressure increasing on the retaining washers & nuts by changing their colors from silver to red (again straight forward).

Now the tricky part:

I want to show the pressure on the threaded rod as being higher at the ends and less in the middle. So the red matches the fasteners at the ends but fades to a light red near re center (or even stays silver). Similarly I would like to show the pointed ends of the triangle supports red and fading to silver at the wide end.


So my question: Is it possible to "fade" an appearance in Visualize from one end of a part to another?

I am thinking I will need to have a duplicate of each part (one silver, one red) and change the transparency of each over time, But then I would have to split each part into thirds (or more), so that I can have different colors at each end of the part.


I look forward to hearing from the experts!