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What do guys at Solidworks are really doing?

Discussion created by Habib Ghalamkari on Nov 3, 2017
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Starting from SW2017, all of a sudden SW locked the x-axis of Linear Sketch Pattern without any description (as far as I know) anywhere and how it can be useful to be locked.

This is a discussion if you're interested.SW 2017 Linear Sketch Pattern


Nobody actually knew why it was locked and what was the benefits.

Several days ago we upgraded to 2018 and I noticed that a checkbox is added to Sketch Linear Pattern to un-fix X-Axis.


Again, I didn't noticed any declaration on this change anywhere.

No matter how many times I un-tick this option, the next time it's ticked again.

To be true I can't understand what they are doing. Why all of a sudden they decide to change something that has been working for ages,

And then a version (Or two) later they realize it was a mistake and go back to where they were.

I don't care why this option is added.....Maybe some users need this option,

I simply can't understand why the software can't remember user's last choice? If they accept that some users need it and some don't, why I have to tick it off each time I use it? Why It can't remember my last choice?

Why that spacing is always 10? Why I have to keep changing it on every use?

Is it that hard for a software like SW to remember user's last selection?