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Please use the Quote Previous Message Functionality

Question asked by Jim Wilkinson on Nov 2, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2017 by Kameron Smith

Hi all forum users,

I'd like to respectfully ask that when replying to posts in the forum, that you use the Quote Previous Message functionality as often as possible. I'm guilty of not using it as well, but I am now trying to use it as often as possible.

This option is shown in the image below and will add the entire message that you are replying to in a gray box.



You can then delete portions of the quoted message if you are only replying to a specific part of the message. You can also use the quote button multiple times if you want to separate answers to different portions of the original message into separate quotes.


Using the quote functionality helps in many ways:

  • The quoting show in notifications from the forum so the recipient doesn't need to access the forum itself to figure out the context of the reply.
  • When a forum thread gets to be multiple pages, it can no longer shows the indented threading, so visualizing what someone is responding to gets harder even on the same page, let alone on another page.
  • Many threads now seem to branch into multiple topics (or are intentionally started to consist of multiple topics) so it is nearly impossible to tell what someone is responding to without clicking on the "(in response to User Name)" link in the response header and even then it is sometimes hard to find it on the page it jumps back to (or the person replying mistakenly picked the wrong comment to reply to).


Thanks for helping contribute to making the forums easier to understand/navigate!