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    Having trouble saving eDrawing assemblies with transparent parts

    Eric Salvo

      A month ago I created an assembly and emailed an eDrawing (EASM) to an electrical engineer with the outer covers and inner shelves set to transparent so the internal components could be seen. There was no problem there.


      Today I needed to create something similar but different so I opened the old assembly and used "pack and go" to make a duplicate with different part names to save myself the work of starting over. Then components were deleted, added, modified, etc to the new assembly. No matter what I try now, I can't get the EASM of this new version to save with covers and shelves set to transparent in Solidworks 2017 SP 2.0. Even setting them to transparent in the eDrawing itself and saving won't work.


      Does anyone know what could cause this and what the solution might be?

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          Eric Salvo

          Replying to my own post: I just suppressed one part and drew one just like it from a new part inside the assembly. That part did save as transparent in the EASM file so it looks like the problem has something to do with the fact that it was from a pack and go assembly. Hopefully there is a solution to this so I don't need to draw 16 of these from scratch.


          Edited to add: At least there is a workaround. By changing the material of the parts in question from 6061 to ABS PC before saving the eDrawing, they will save as transparent. I'll leave this up so hopefully it helps someone.


          Well I spoke to soon. That workaround helps some times but not always.......