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Screen Touch option in Solidworks 2017 System Settings not showing up on my touch enabled computer

Question asked by Justin Yu on Nov 2, 2017

I'm on a touch-enabled computer and have recently updated to SW 2017 Student Edition. I installed SW 2016 Student Edition the previous year with no touch input issues whatsoever. But for whatever reason possibly before/during/after the update, some settings I have never touched got fiddled with and now my touchscreen input threshold is off. I'm trying to access the touch input option inside the system settings in the application(apparently supposed to be between backup/recover and hole wizard/toolbox options) in order to change the finger distance threshold(right now it's registering one finger slide as rotation and two close fingers as pan, where two close fingers is supposed to be rotation. With one finger slide as rotation, if I wanted to rotate the screen, it will interpret it as a click and will result in it exiting whatever command I'm currently using, which is super annoying while using commands like assembly mates and distance measure, where you really need to use the camera to maneuver). Thing is, I could easily just use a mouse and pan/rotate/zoom like a regular human being. However many times I find myself working on pieces away from my desktop setup where my mouse is situated and I would very much like to not be confined to my cad cage for pieces I can easily maneuver around otherwise during downtime while I'm away from home or my school workshop.


pastedImage_0.png(Entire inquiry refers to that option the red box not being there for me)