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Task AddIn: Passing Version b/w Client and Server

Question asked by Kyle Rosenquist on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2018 by Lee CS Young

I'm writing a task addin in VB.NET, and want the server to execute the task on the same version of the file(s) that the client machine initiated the task on.


The EdmCmdData members for TaskLaunch (client side) and TaskRun (server side) don't seem to contain any version information. I was able to use Get/SetValEx from the IEdmTaskInstance interface by calling EdmCmd::mpoExtra, but this will not work if I select multiple files to execute the task on (EdmCmd members are common to all files/folders selected).


The built-in SWTaskAddIn is able to do this, so it must be possible. Can anyone explain what I'm missing?





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