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    SW Enterprise PDM Search

    Jason Ebersole
      Fresh installation of SWPDME2009 in production enviroment; pretty much right out of the box so far, and there seems to be a problem with SW Enterprise PDM Search from within Windows Explorer (this is a contributor client, not editor).

      When I click the magnifying glass from the Windows Explorer view of the vault, the Solidworks Enterprise PDM Search window opens as expected, but then I can't do anything with it. In the left pane, I see Favorites & Forms, but if I remember correctly from my test environment, there was at least one usable search form in Favorites. In my production environment, there is nothing.

      It looks like I could create a new custom form (if I right click on Forms, I see New Form...), but I thought this came with something ready to use out of the box.

      Anyone know what might be happening here? Thanks, Jason