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PDF version of mirrored view is not correct has anyone experienced this?

Question asked by Robert Weimer on Nov 1, 2017
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So I created a drawing mirroring all the views from another drawing, and that just about worked as well as it could, sure I had to rearrange a couple of dimensions, but for the most part, it worked.  I was shocked that something from Solidworks actually worked as the tech people touted in one of the many seminars I attend.  Just as I was about to sing the praises of mirroring views to some of my colleagues, I checked a pdf file that I made from the drawing that contains all of the mirrored views.  The pdf version flips all of my "faked in hidden lines" in the view.  I would have liked to just include all of the hidden lines, then hiding the ones I didn't want, but the lines are so numerous that I just decided to make a sketch and convert the lines I wanted In the view.  Anyway, check out the 2 separate files, and you will see that the hidden lines are not the same.  Has anyone had this happen to them, and how would you suggest solving this issue?  Should I just get rid of them and make a new sketch, or can I expect this to happen no matter what I do in this view.


While I wait for anyone to reply, I'm going to try and redo the sketch from new and see if that helps, but the underlying annoyance still exist, so I would still like to know if this happens to anyone else, and how you have combatted this in the past.  Typically, I would only give a glancing look at the PDFs I have made of the actual drawing, but since the pdf is the document that goes out to the customer, I will now need to inspect very closely what results I get out of the system.  This seems to be a reoccurring theme for the Solidworks world as far as I can tell.  In the last month, I have run into several things that are just shaky to me, but it seems like everyone is O.K. with it so I was hoping that this is yet another thing that all the users know about, but just snicker when they hear about it but have another method to get around it.