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Big temperature difference between component and PCB

Question asked by 聖堯 陳 on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by Mark Keown

Hi all,

Recently, I found a problem that the temperature difference between IC and PCB is too big, which almost 16'C.

The component size is 2.9mmx1.5mmx1mm with heat generation 0.5W.

1. The thermal conductivity of this component is 5W/mk.

2. The thermal conductivity of in-plane of this PCB is 40W/mk and that of transverse is 1.5W/mk

But I did not see such big temperature in other CFD software like Autodesk CFD or even in a real test.

I do not know why case temperature can not conduct to PCB.


My settings:

1. The location mesh of both of PCB and this IC has been refined. (solid mesh and solid/fluid mesh adjust to LV6)

2. Radiation has been calculated.

3. External

4. Natural convection



Is there any setting I can use to deal this problem?