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    SW2018 PDM Standard

    Chad Cutter

      Just upgraded to 2018 with PDM Standard, full clean installation.  SW is now crashing, mainly on large assemblies, opening up a drawing of a large assembly...shuts down.  Worked with my VAR yesterday and we noticed SW would immediately crash if the preview tab was selected when clicking on these large assemblies.  This was never a problem on 2017.


      Also I'm getting errors related to PDM DB Server "The owner SID on a per-user subscription doesn't exist"  See image:2017-11-01_17-48-10.png


      Anyone else having these errors?

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          Paul Wyndham

          I am not sure what is causing your error, but there are two other places you can check to get more error information.

          You can do both of these from the client without having to remote into the server to see the application logs.


          In the admin tool double click on the Log File link.


          Then, right click on the server name and select "Show the archive server log". This shows the logs specific to an archive server.


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            Martin Solem


            I recently had this exact error on a server. What i found was that PDM Database server is polling the wrong server or doesnt understand  (local). It might be the case for you too. Try switching from (local) to the database server name or IP-address, and if PDM is running on a SQL instance (e.g. pdm_sql_01\swpdm), specify that as well.

            Check the registry setting:

            HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\SolidWorks\Applications\PDMWorks Enterprise\MailService\Server



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                Chad Cutter

                Martin....you're a genius...  That was it...

                Mine was not filled out, which I guess means it was looking for "localhost".  Since mine was unique it couldn't establish connection when polling.  So that resolved one issue, the crashing is another, but maybe this was contributing as well.  Which begs the question, why during installation does that textbox entry not get passed to the registry??


                Thanks so much...that was bugging me...  I don't like seeing error as that conjures up all sorts of conspiracy theories...

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                  Eddie Pellegrin

                  We have the same situation and we checked our registry and it was correct, any other possibilities?