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    Macro Export PDF Custom File Name & Settings

    Arne Currie


      I have a macro (attached) that exports all the sheets in a drawing to separate sheets with names the same as each sheet.


      I want to make it so that the file name of the pdf's is 'drawing_name sheet_name.pdf' so if the drawing is 'CQ101 2 x 1 x 150.slddrw' and this has 2 sheets called 'Sheet1' and 'Quote' will create a pdf of each sheet named      'CQ101 2 x 1 x 150 Sheet1.pdf'      and      'CQ101 2 x 1 x 150 Quote.pdf'     respectively.


      On a side note, I also want to always export in color, embed fonts, use high quality lines and high quality shaded edges, if that's possible.


      Thanks for your help in advance!




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          Viktor Bovzdarenko

          Hi Arne,

          I modified your macro to include the path of the drawing and the sheet name:


          Dim drawingName As String:  drawingName = Left(swModel.GetPathName(), InStrRev(swModel.GetPathName(), ".") - 1)

          swModel.Extension.SaveAs drawingName + " " + vSheetName + ".PDF", 0, 0, swExportPDFData, lErrors, lWarnings


          All other settings (color, embed fonts etc) need to be modified inside SolidWorks itself. Macro will just use default values.



          Alternatively try to use #TASK.  It allows to combine the name of the output file from different placeholders (including sheet name, configuration name, custom properties, date etc)


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              Alex Burnett

              You can change settings within the VBA code with the following commands:


              ' Export PDF in Color
              swApp.SetUserPreferenceToggle swUserPreferenceToggle_e.swPDFExportInColor, false
              ' Embed Fonts
              swApp.SetUserPreferenceToggle swUserPreferenceToggle_e.swPDFExportEmbedFonts, true
              ' High Quality Lines Toggle and DPI
              swApp.SetUserPreferenceToggle swUserPreferenceToggle_e.swPDFExportHighQuality, false
              swApp.SetUserPreferenceIntegerValue swUserPreferenceIntegerValue_e.swPDFExportShadedDraftDPI, swDetailingStandard_e.swDetailingStandardISO
              swApp.SetUserPreferenceIntegerValue swUserPreferenceIntegerValue_e.swPDFExportOleDPI, swDetailingStandard_e.swDetailingStandardISO
              ' Print Header/Footer
              swApp.SetUserPreferenceToggle swUserPreferenceToggle_e.swPDFExportPrintHeaderFooter, false
              ' Use specified printer line weights
              swApp.SetUserPreferenceToggle swUserPreferenceToggle_e.swPDFExportUseCurrentPrintLineWeights, true
              ' Include layers set not to print
              swApp.SetUserPreferenceToggle swUserPreferenceToggle_e.swPDFExportIncludeLayersNotToPrint, false


              Edit: Fixed syntax for integer function

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              Prasanna Ashok

              Hi All,

              Need solution?


              When i open "XXXX" drawing and save as pdf, default pdf name is "XXXX".pdf


              But our customer has requested for a new format going forward.


              Convention: Drawing Name_4digitsheetnumber_2digitrevision


              1. For single sheet "XXXX" dwg, Rev-0: XXXX_0001_00


              2. For 2 sheet "XXXX" dwg, Rev 1: XXXX_0001_01   (First sheet revision is 1)

                                                              : XXXX_0002_00  (Second sheet revision is 0)


              2. For 3 sheet "XXXX" dwg, Rev 1: XXXX_0001_01   (First sheet revision is 1)

                                                              : XXXX_0002_03  (Second sheet revision is 3)

                                                              : XXXX_0002_00  (Second sheet revision is 0)


              And so on... Above shown is just example.


              Is there macro to get this format while i do save as pdf? Revision number will be added into part "model properties".


              So drawing title block will have drawing number, revision and sheet number information.


              Using this how to get the required pdf naming?




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                  Robert H.

                  HI  Prasanna



                  see the code below for setting up naming convention and exporting to pdf


                  use the to line "SWmoddoc.CustomInfo " to get the required properties from the drawing document  



                  its up to you how you want to format your sheets , the below example should get you going though 









                  'Naming Convention

                  ' ----------------------------------------



                  PRO_NAME = SWmoddoc.CustomInfo("TITLE")



                  PROJECT_No = SWmoddoc.CustomInfo("PROJECT_No.")



                  ITEM_No = SWmoddoc.CustomInfo("ITEM_No.")



                  DR_TYPE = SWmoddoc.CustomInfo("DR_TYPE")



                  VERSION = SWmoddoc.CustomInfo("VERSION")







                  ' Directory & Naming Convention Config

                  ' ----------------------------------------



                  NAMCON = (PROJECT_No & "-" & ITEM_No & "-" & DR_TYPE & "_" & PRO_NAME & "_" & "#" & VERSION)





                  ' Copyright Protection

                  ' ---------------------------------------





                  Dim fso As New Scripting.FileSystemObject


                  If fso.FileExists(Filepath & "PDF\" & NAMCON & ".pdf") Then



                  Dim PDF As String






                  swDraw.SaveAs (Filepath & "PDF\" & NAMCON & ".pdf")

                  swDraw.SaveAs (Filepath & "DWG\" & NAMCON & ".dwg")

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                      Prasanna Ashok

                      Hi Robert,


                      Thank you so much for this.


                      Can you please help me to add this into the attached macro?


                      I'm using this macro to convert bulk pdf in a folder.


                      Can you please update this? I just need drawing number_sheet-no_revision number


                      For now, I have only one sheet drawings and i have entered parameters in part custom properties as follows.


                      Drawing No

                      Sheet No

                      Rev No


                      Can you link this three parameters to the output?




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                          Robert H.

                          Hi Prasanna


                          Could you send on a sheet with custom properties and part of you file structure, so i can get a better idea of what your asking / doing ?


                          and so that way i can check that this works as intended,


                          Sorry i haven had much time to look though this recently





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                              Prasanna Ashok

                              Hi Robert,


                              I have attached sample part, drawing and required pdf naming.



                              32559X is the part name. Drawing will be created in the same name as 32559X.


                              When the drawing is converted to PDF (File-->Save as-->PDF), by default, naming will be 32559X.

                              This PDF name should be changed to "Part_number_Revision-number_Sheet-number" format.

                              We enter these parameters as properties inside the part model. See the screenshot in the attachment.


                              So when say File-->Save as-->PDF, the naming should be taken from the model custom properties.


                              Is this possible to do with a macro?


                              Thank you for taking efforts to help me.




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                                  Prasanna Ashok


                                  Deepak Gupta any help on this?


                                  In this post, sheet name is included in the naming. Any possibility to get the name from model properties?


                                  Thank you.




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                                    Robert H.

                                    This might cause you a few issues, are you producing one drawing document per document ?


                                    are you saving out individual pdf per sheet ?  or one document per model ?


                                    why is the sheet number in the model properties ?


                                    i don't understand why you would need to save out the sheet number to the pdf, surely a saving the all the sheets to one pdf is a better option, if not for ease of filling and updating, 


                                    i don't understand enough to give you a good enough answer,  if produce what your asking for you might end up coming back here, again


                                    i would rather solve it, first off than ,


                                    i might not be as complex as i though, although the marco code you posted, seam to make if more complex !


                                    if it is as simple as saving out a pdf to the same folder of the drawing document then that is very easy you simple grab any of the old pdf marco on this site,  and just 



                                    something like this, i think there is one of posted somewhere on here, there is all sort you can do with a marco, the issue is really understanding how to break the problem down, to a machine can handle the boring , or  repetitive bits.


                                    see bellow,  i think there is a macro of mine hanging about you can use,


                                    'Naming Convention

                                    ' ----------------------------------------



                                    Part_Number = SWmoddoc.CustomInfo("Part Number")



                                    Revision = SWmoddoc.CustomInfo("Revision")



                                    Sheet_No = SWmoddoc.CustomInfo("Sheet No")






                                    ' Directory & Naming Convention Config

                                    ' ----------------------------------------



                                    NAMCON = (Part_Number & "_" & Revision & "_" & Sheet_No)


                                    swDraw.SaveAs (Filepath &  NAMCON & ".pdf")