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Macro Export PDF Custom File Name & Settings

Question asked by Arne Currie on Nov 1, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 11, 2018 by Prasanna Ashok


I have a macro (attached) that exports all the sheets in a drawing to separate sheets with names the same as each sheet.


I want to make it so that the file name of the pdf's is 'drawing_name sheet_name.pdf' so if the drawing is 'CQ101 2 x 1 x 150.slddrw' and this has 2 sheets called 'Sheet1' and 'Quote' will create a pdf of each sheet named      'CQ101 2 x 1 x 150 Sheet1.pdf'      and      'CQ101 2 x 1 x 150 Quote.pdf'     respectively.


On a side note, I also want to always export in color, embed fonts, use high quality lines and high quality shaded edges, if that's possible.


Thanks for your help in advance!