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    How is an array with hard-coded values made in SW API/VBA/Macro?

    Hank Costner



      I'm having trouble hard-coding an array. It's called "filenames", and it's defined about half-way through. I've tried to assign values a few different ways, and right now, I'm trying to do it dynamically.

      The error the compiler is giving me is Runtime error '13': Type Mismatch.

      I defined filenames dynamically as a string (I think).


      I'm not familiar with the SW coding environment. I normally use C++ and MatLab.

      I'm using SW 2016 SP5, and when I make a new macro, it opens a Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications Window. I thought that meant I'm using VBA, but some VBA syntax hasn't worked, like the "End While" statement. So I'm not sure if this is API or VBA.


      I included my code below. I have a drawing with a lot of sheets open when I run the code.



      Dim swApp As Object

      Sub main()


      Dim swModel As Object


      Set swApp = Application.SldWorks

      Set swModel = swApp.ActiveDoc

          If (swModel Is Nothing) Then

              MsgBox "No active drawing found in SolidWorks." & Chr(13) & Chr(13) _

                  & "Please load/activate a SolidWorks drawing ", vbExclamation


          End If


          If (swModel.GetType <> swDocDRAWING) Then

              MsgBox "Current document is not a drawing." & Chr(13) & Chr(13) _

                  & "Please load/activate a SolidWorks drawing ", vbExclamation


          End If



      Dim numberOfSheets As Integer

      Dim SalesPageToPrint(0) As Integer 'Page Array

      Dim FabPagesToPrint(1) As Integer 'Page Array

      Dim n As Integer 'file name placeholder

      Dim fileNames() As String 'names for files

      Dim pageIncrement As Integer 'used to step through Page Array

      Dim i As Integer 'iterator



      numberOfSheets = swModel.GetSheetCount

      SalesPageToPrint(0) = 1

      FabPagesToPrint(0) = 2

      FabPagesToPrint(1) = 3

      i = 0

      n = 0


      fileNames = Array("125112 - Production", "125112 - Sales", _

      "125117 - Production", "125117 - Sales")



      Do While i < 3


      swModel.Extension.PrintOut2 SalesPageToPrint, 1, True, "", fileNames(n)

      n = n + 1

      swModel.Extension.PrintOut2 FabPagesToPrint, 1, True, "", fileNames(n)



      SalesPageToPrint(0) = SalesPageToPrint(0) + 3

      FabPagesToPrint(0) = FabPagesToPrint(0) + 3

      FabPagesToPrint(1) = FabPagesToPrint(1) + 3

      n = n + 1

      i = i + 3






      End Sub