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intersecting sheet metal cut

Question asked by Roark Summerford on Oct 31, 2017
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I'm building multibody sheet metal weldments in a single *.sldprt file. (if a part is all welded I've traditionally drawn it as a single *.sldprt)


Probably the most annoying thing that has plagued me over the past years has been the instability in my method of cutting intersecting sheet metal bodies.


*see attached image

intersecting sheet metal cut.jpg


As shown, what I have taken to doing is making a sketch on one of the intersecting faces... super simple... click the sheet metal face.. so on.


once in the sketch I used to do use pierce point mate the line to the edge of the adjacent face. but it was unstable. So I searched for another method.


I found the sketch command "intersection curve". I have **better** luck with it than pierce point.


I usually leave this line as it's own stand alone sketch (so it's easy to fix, I know instantly what happened when that sketch and the two following cuts fail), then start a new sketch on each of the bodies to cut off the excess using "convert entities" on that line.


but... still not stable. I opened this model this morning after it being stable all last week and boom.... error'ed out.  so frustrating.


What it should look like:

intersecting sheet metal cut 2.jpg


I don't think it has anything to do with the sketch itself. Usually I loose one of the sheet metal face sketch planes... it has to be something like solidworks renaming the sheetmetal bodies internally and loosing its references.

intersecting sheet metal cut 3.jpg


Please tell me there is a better way to do this that I'm oblivious to!