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    How to create Cavity with Specific Body (Tool Body)

    Michael Fernando

      Hi Guys / Gals

      After 4 years away, I’m starting to work again with Solidworks. In those 4 years I have been working only with Siemens NX/ug.

      Back with SWx, I’m trying to apply the methods and working process widely used in NX and to see if there are better ways to work.

      Boolean operations are a primary solid body creation method in NX. Basically, there is no CUT feature there.

      Now I want to use SWx, Cavity to create pockets for the mating components. In NX each component got True (=the component) and False (=tool /pocket) bodies. When I execute Pocketing tool, NX runs through the components and subtracts any interfering False bodies. (There are few more other steps needed when designating False bodies,) 

      Please check the attachment; In Solidworks 2017, I created two bodies in a part and made configurations. But Cavity changes with the active configuration body at that moment/instance. I’m unable to specify the specific cavity configuration. In another word, I’m unable to specify False (tool) body and retain it.

      If I'm not mistaken, sometime ago I tried this method in  SWx a few versions back and it worked.

      With SWx 2017, is it a glitch or have I forgotten anything specific?

      Michael Fernando (CSWE)