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Selection Box not allowing selections

Question asked by Matthew Cempa on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by Matthew Cempa

I have an add-in that works fine in SWX 2014.  I am updating it to SWX 2017 and now I can't seem to select anything into my selection boxes.  The selection box is added to the PMP and I can change focus between selection boxes.  However if I try to select anything the selection box is not populated, tried preselecting as well with no luck.  Any ideas?


Here is a typical way I'm adding selection boxes


pm_Reference_Bodies = ppage.AddControl2(Selection_BodiesID, controlType, caption, alignment, options, tip)
        If Not pm_Reference_Bodies Is Nothing Then
            Dim filter() As Integer = New Integer() {swSelectType_e.swSelSOLIDBODIES}
            With pm_Reference_Bodies
                .Style = swPropMgrPageSelectionBoxStyle_e.swPropMgrPageSelectionBoxStyle_HScroll + _
                .SingleEntityOnly = False
                .AllowMultipleSelectOfSameEntity = True
                .Height = 50
                .Mark = BoundBoxMark_e.ReferenceBodyMark
                .SetPictureLabelByName(System.IO.Path.Combine(installDir, "Body 18x18.bmp"), System.IO.Path.Combine(installDir, "BodyMask 18x18.bmp"))
            End With
        End If