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Flexible Tubing Disappears in Assembly

Question asked by Eric Frissell on Oct 31, 2017

Hi, I'm relatively new to Solidworks routing but I've been getting it figured out to the point I am relatively confidently adding parts to the design library/routing library, inserting them into models and creating hose configurations that work with the fittings that were added to the library.  Unfortunately from the beginning of my attempts at routing any time flexible tubing is selected the tubing never shows up in the assembly unless I am editing the routeRoute.3.PNG


I work with a lot of hydraulic components so getting the routing to work would be awesome, it's just that this appears to be the major hang up.  If the "Make flexible" option is not selected then the components seem to consistently show up and work.  Anyone had any experience with this?  Obviously the easy work-around is to make them non-flexible and they'll show up or do a swept profile but swept profiles can be a pain.