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How to upgrade service packs

Discussion created by Rob Graham on Jan 23, 2009
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2009 by Todd Engle
I seem to have great difficulty in doing SP udates

First it trys downloading 2.4gb which takes forever on our really slow net (about 18hours)

I managed to get the SP on dvd from a distributor and i stuck that in and then it told me to put the solidworks disc in and proceded to down load 2.4 gb again. It wouldnt let me use what was on the disc.

I then ejected SP disc which was on a rewite dvd and my vista machine said it was going to close the session and wiped the dvd!!!!

Am i missing something or are the solidworks updates always this weird why dont they just do them like other software so it does it with a couple of clicks instea of juggling discs and downloading gb's of data