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dispatch to create and name a file based on serial number

Question asked by Joel Seerey on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2017 by Joel Seerey

i am integrating our engineering change process into epdm, i have created a template to initiate the ECR named "ECR 12345" from a serial number where 12345also goes into a variable called ECR,the file then goes through a workflow to be approved. upon reaching the final stage in the workflow i want to create an ECO document named "ECO 1234" where 1234 is a different serial number that populates a variable called ECO.


i have been able to get dispatch to create the new ECO upon ECR completion but have been unable to name the file from the ECO number, the eco is populated with the eco number from the datacard. because the ecr doesnt have an eco number until it is complete and you cannot use a transition action to add a serial number the number has to come from the eco. this lead me to try and use 2 dispatch actions, one to create the eco and add the ecr number and another to rename the eco and add the eco number to the ecr.


the problem i am having is that i am not able to get the second dispatch to run based on the actions of the first.

e.x. first dispatch checks in the eco, second dispatch is set to run when a file named eco new is checked in, this second action will not run. but i can get the action to run if i check the file in then out manually.


whats going on here? script below


script 1

second dispatch condition

second script

i've tried during add, durring check in, and probably a few others as well what am i missing?


thanks in advance