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    Anyone like to share their favourite Automatic Settings in EPDM and SolidWorks

    Dwayne Parrott

      here are some of mine from the past: I know I have forgotten some too.......


      Automatic Settings in EPDM and SolidWorks:

      Part Model and Assembly Model Templates

      Part numbering in EPDM on the datacard

      Adding watermark and removing Watermark to drawings.

      Files released creating pdf files in a folder

      Populating the pdf file properties to match the drawing

      Then sending copies of the files to a secondary server
      location outside EPDM

      Using batch to update pdf file properties in EPDM

      Automatically clearing cache memory upon logging off

      Getting latest file turned on vs. seeing previous versions
      in EPDM.

      Clearing orphaned files in EPDM (left behind from renaming
      files and folders previously cached

      Automatically backing up SQL database and automatically
      backing up the archive server to the cloud concurrently or closely afterwards

        • Re: Anyone like to share their favourite Automatic Settings in EPDM and SolidWorks
          Paul Wyndham

          I think you got most of them.

          • Update data card values on state transitions. The drawings update automatically so that the user does not have to open it to do things like add the checker or approvers initials. Saves time for the checker to be able to just open the file in eDrawings and approve it.
          • Install different service packs on the clients and servers without getting error. This is so liberating. (Not an auto function, but I can't say enough good stuff about it)
            • It would be even better if the servers could be one major release ahead of the clients. Then I could update the servers without having to have 1000 users update their software the next morning. I could do them in batches.


          Something I hate is that SolidWorks turned on the newer automatic dismissal of missing file messages setting by default. Now, instead of pushing the user to fix missing files it promotes the bad practice of ignoring them. If the user opens an assembly and then is reading email or something over the SolidWorks window they might not notice a message and not realize that one of the components is suppressed.