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Assembly Structure - References

Question asked by Jason Warnke on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 31, 2017 by Steven Mills

I've been using SW since 2004.  I like it; it is a great piece of software - but it seems like there has got to be a better solution to all the file referencing issues that happen.



For the CSWPs, referencing issues are really non-issues.  We understand how the software works and we navigate well within those boundaries; so our file structures remain clean.  The problems come in when you're training new users - which takes time and inevitably involves cleaning up messes (a lot).



I have long wished for some means of shutting down sub-assembly re-referencing when working with multiple assemblies containing similar file names.  Maybe one exists?   A checkbox setting I'm overlooking (or-misunderstanding?)?


If nothing exists, would it be possible to add a document-properties specific setting that could be activated on specified assembly files that would disable re-referencing on secondary instances of similar file names? matter how high up the assembly is; everything it opens is told "you must keep your original reference" and where secondary instances occur some marker forcibly separates the files in the design tree structure?


There must be some way to do this...if not - there must be some way to make the next software release do this - anyone?