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Putting standard blocks in the vault or no?

Question asked by Robert Pickeral on Oct 30, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by Alex Burnett

We presently have a few hundred standard parts that we use for our drawings (titleblocks, parts lists, callout symbols, etc.) in a shared drive folder, read-only for users.

But we have some controls:

A few users admin and maintain that folder on the server. And we have a DOS script that automatically performs a sync from that shared folder with a location on all the engineers PC when they login, and at noon. We do this in case users are out of the office OR the network goes down - engineers can still access the components they need.


I'm thinking of storing these standard drawing components in the vault - and they be a part of the Project templates when new Projects are created. Doing so will better define what company "standard" was in effect when that project was created - creating a unified "look" for all Drawings (which are created in 3 different states).


We have the project template creating a few folders already. Can the PDM project template also create folders with these symbols already in folders?


Thoughts? Suggestions? Pros/Cons?


Thank you.