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SWX2018 slow down

Question asked by Ben Dupres on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on May 22, 2018 by Peter Anthony

Hi all,


We have recently moved to Solidworks 2018 sp0.1 from Solidworks 2016 and have since noticed a significant slowdown in overall performance, especially when switching between models and drawings and also whilst working with the models in section view.


Our machines are IC3D i7 3.30 GHz workstations - 32GB ram running 64bit windows 7 Pro which should be OK for what we are using Solidworks for.

The installation was a clean install.


We have only noticed the slow down since the upgrade to SWX2018 last week so i am confident in saying this is a SWX related issue and not a hardware problem.


Just wondering if any one has noticed a similar slow down and if there were any suggestions as to what may be causing the laggy performance?


Thanks for any suggestions