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Subassembly BOM Baloons not displaying

Question asked by James Watkins on Oct 31, 2017

I am having trouble getting my balloons to display correctly on some sub assemblies within the parent assembly. Only on a couple of sub assembles, all balloon part numbers come up as "*".


A bit of background on what I am working with, I have a main assembly that consists of a few sub assemblies, this main assembly has a configurations to use within the drawing to simplify the views I need to show. It is only for the drawing views that have different configurations that are having this problem...


See below for a bit of an example of what I mean:



Sub assembly on the left is ok, sub assembly on the right is not. This drawing view is a configuration of the overall main assembly, there are some sub assembly configurations within the main assembly configuration that i believe is the cause of this problem. Sub assembly on the left has is default while sub assembly on the right is a configuration off the default configuration with unnecessary parts for the view suppressed.


Also to note, all drawing views are linked to my main BOM. If it is not linked then numbers are displayed in place of "*" but they do not correspond to the correct number  on the BOM.


My question therefore is if there is possibly a work around that will let me use configurations to simplify my views while still allowing me to correctly display part numbers in my balloons, otherwise do I have to result to using display stated instead?