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Can I revert from 2017 back to 2015?

Question asked by James Weller on Oct 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 29, 2017 by James Weller

I was running 2015 for over a year with no issues and relied periodically on the flow simulation package. Then I received an invitation to come to China for a month and work with a colleague in designing waste to energy systems. So, I purchased an expensive Solid works capable laptop, moved my licence to the new machine and decided to upgrade to 2017 in the process.

Now, here I am in Beijing ready to hit the ground running just to find out that the "2017 upgrade" does NOT include flow simulation! Not only that but to now add the flow simulation software, I need to spend another 4K!


All I want to know is, can I revert back to 2015(which had flow sim included) and will I need the CD's to do it as I didn't bring them with me.


Any help much appreciated.