David Goetsch

Visualize 2018 Pro SP0.1 + Two GPU's + Accurate Render = Instant GPU Crash - RESOLVED !

Discussion created by David Goetsch on Oct 28, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2017 by Brian Hillner

Definition of GPU crash:  Loud click, screen goes black, all 6 GPU fans go max speed.


I've been using Visualize/Bunkspeed since the split with KeyShot. I've had no problems with this workstation and Visualize up to and including Visualize 2017 SP4.


System Hardware:

Dual Xeon X5690's @3.46 Ghz - 12 cores - 24 threads

System Ram:  96 GB

GPU's:  Dual EVGA GTX 1080 TI's FTW3 11GB


Trouble Shooting:

I removed all drives from my workstation but one new drive. I formatted it and did a fresh install of ONLY the three items listed below.


System Software:

Windows 10 Pro - Fall Creators Update - 10.0.16299 Build 16299  (the latest)

Nvidia Driver:  388.00  (the latest)

Solidworks Visualize 2018 Pro SP0.1  (the latest)


Attempting to render in Accurate mode in the viewport or offline produces an instant GPU crash. It crashes so fast and hard nothing is written to the Visualize log files. It's not related to the Project files as I've tried the canned projects shipping with 2018, the 1969 Camaro, Official Bunkspeed Material Model, etc. All crash. I also tried half a dozen past drivers including ones that worked fine in 2017 SP4. Still crashing on any accurate render.


That test eliminated any possibility of the crashes being caused by issues with the OS or conflicts with any other software. So, possibly related to hardware?  Hummmmm....  That got me thinking...


On a hunch I removed one of my GPU's and tried it again. This time Visualize could render in Accurate mode with no problems. Re-install the second GPU and again, instant crash. Both GPU's are identical, known good and work together fine with all my other software. The crash is consistently reproducible.


Yes, I'll report this through the proper channels but I thought it would be good to post the issue here as I doubt I'm the only one having this issue. As more people jump on 2018 it'll be interesting to see if the crashes are only related to the "unsupported" GeForce cards or if Quadro users are seeing the same thing.