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milling machine simulation

Question asked by Oliver Szabó on Oct 28, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2017 by Ryan Navarro

hi! I want to modelling a part of a milling machine. I want to get the deformation on the tool, and the reaction force in the linear gide, between the rail and the block. How can i modelling the connection between the rail and the block? On the picture you can see that, i gave a milling force (on the cylinder, which is the tool, the box is the spindle) and gravity. I modelling the connection between the block and the rail (between the parts of the linear gide) with spirals, but i cant know that it is ok or not? with the spirals, i want to modelling the rigidity of the linear gide. I use compression and extension type spirals with tangential stiffnes only in (N/m)/m^2.