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Creating 3D Object Confined By Sketches

Question asked by Erica McCune on Oct 27, 2017
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I'm fairly new to SolidWorks, especially using SolidWorks to create organic objects.  I'm currently trying to model two bones in the finger (the middle and distal phalanges of the middle finger, to be precise).  To start off I created two profile sketches for each bone, one sketch for the side shape of the bone and one sketch for the top-down face of the bone.  I'm now trying to create a 3D object confined by these two sketches.  My original idea was to sweep a circle through these two sketches and use the sketches as guiding paths, but I'm not having any luck with that.  I also tried using boundary boss/base, but that produced a preview of a shape much larger than my sketches and not in the correct form.  SolidWorks also gave me an error message about not being able to execute that due to self-intersecting geometry. I was wondering if there's a better approach to take to create this 3D shape.  I have some images attached of my attempts to do a sweep and boundary and of the bones I'm trying to model.


Thanks in advance for any suggestions!