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"Source surface not defined at bolt connector" - Correct solution or not?

Question asked by Scott Baugh on Oct 27, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2020 by Miguel Giron Banda

Anyone every seen this error message? I have been fighting through this message for hours and there is little to no information out there about this error, or at least how I searched it.


I have an assembly that utilizes several bolts. These bolts are (1) used to keeps parts together, but (2) also they work together when the unit is lifted. During the analysis I used the bolted connection, but I kept getting this annoying and vague message. Most of my web searches resulted in everyone asking if the models were up to date or not. Of course I tried it that, with no solution. So I got to digging around in the bolt connection feature. Here at our company we always try to use bolt 5/16-18 headed bolts. The bolt feature listed that exactly .500" head and the body diameter is .3125". The actual bolts that fit into the unit have large washers on both sides of the sheet metal. The sheet metal on the outside has a larger hole for clearance at .500" and the inner hole is at .413, clearance for a 5/16 Pem nut. The .500" head size was causing my problem. Changing that head to something larger than what the head of the bolt actually is, made the message go away.


Is this accurate and the proper answer, I don't know for sure. Hopefully someone who knows more than I and will answer this post and explain what to do when the clearance hole is almost as big as the head of the bolt.