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    Getting tolerances to appear in custom properties

    Will Salmon



      I have a dimension with some bilateral tolerances. Is there a way to make these tolerances appear in a row of the custom properties for the part? I have only been able to get the dimension without the tolerance into the custom properties. The dimension in question is shown in the attached image.bitol.PNG

      Ideally, these tolerance (+3 and -4) would show up in their own rows in custom properties, but it would be okay if they showed up along with the dimension (10 +3 -4) or similar. Ultimately, I'd like these dimensions in the custom properties so I can export them to excel using Treehouse.


      Thanks for your time



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          Josh Brady

          Nope.  Not possible.


          It would have been easy prior to SW2015.  Embed VBA code into an equation, then link the property to the equation result.  Not anymore.  SW inexplicably broke that (admittedly unsupported) functionality.


          It would not be too difficult to write a macro that would put the tolerance values of a selected dimension into custom properties, but it would not be linked.  It would be exactly like a user reading the tol value and typing into the Custom Property panel.