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    (Inspection 2017) Sheet Properties Zone Parameters Exporting to Excel

    Ian Pommer

      Hello -


      I am currently trying out Inspection 2017 to see if it can cut down on our labor hours spent making new FPAI/FAIR documents. The only thing left to try and automate is our "Zone" column which is used to say where the balloon/feature is to help our inspection team quicken their processes.


      Although I can set up zones in Sheet Properties > Zone Parameters, I am unable to figure out how to pull that information about what grid section each balloon is in.


      The exporter for Inspection 2017 uses expressions like:





      So I tried doing:



      It may not come as a surprise that this did not work. But there *has* to be a way to pull that information from a drawing using "code", no? Why would that feature even be in SW if you are not able to pull that information?


      Thank you for your time,



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          Ian Pommer

          I have the answer, which requires some Excel functions.


          The first step is to call for the location, and sheet number in two separate cells:




          Then, make a "Zone X" cell, a "Zone Y" cell with the following respective functions:




          From there it is some simple concatenation, I chose to break my concatenation up into two stages. The first is combining the "ZoneX and ZoneY" cells, called "DRWG ZONE". Then combine the "DRWG ZONE" cell with the sheet number cell from up above.


          Hopefully this can help anyone in the future who has similar needs.


          P.S. Although I know how to program, I did not come up with those for the Y and Z zone functions on my own.


          EDIT: my bad, I forgot to mention that those cells being referenced "F7" is the location cell being exported from Inspection for that specific feature.