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(Inspection 2017) Sheet Properties Zone Parameters Exporting to Excel

Question asked by Ian Pommer on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by Ian Pommer

Hello -


I am currently trying out Inspection 2017 to see if it can cut down on our labor hours spent making new FPAI/FAIR documents. The only thing left to try and automate is our "Zone" column which is used to say where the balloon/feature is to help our inspection team quicken their processes.


Although I can set up zones in Sheet Properties > Zone Parameters, I am unable to figure out how to pull that information about what grid section each balloon is in.


The exporter for Inspection 2017 uses expressions like:





So I tried doing:



It may not come as a surprise that this did not work. But there *has* to be a way to pull that information from a drawing using "code", no? Why would that feature even be in SW if you are not able to pull that information?


Thank you for your time,