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    cause: the operation was not permitted by one of the installed add-ins

    Steven Hanson

      I am trying to develop an add-in to catch and stop file deletions within PDM Professional so can be handled in accordance with our policies.


      I have been successful in catching the predelete with:



      and in the OnCmd section stopping the operation with:

           "poCmd.mbCancel = True"


      But I still get a warning box or error.


      "Error deleting File. Cause: The operation was not permitted by one of the installed add-ins."


      I have tried including in a Try statement ending with catches:




                     poCmd.mbCancel = True


              Catch ex As Runtime.InteropServices.COMException



                  Select Case ex.ErrorCode

                      Case EPDM.Interop.EPDMResultCode.EdmResultErrorCodes_e.E_EDM_OPERATION_REFUSED_BY_PLUGIN




                      Case Else

                          MessageBox.Show("HRESULT = 0x" +

                          ex.ErrorCode.ToString("X") + vbCrLf +


                  End Select



              Catch ex As Exception



      but this don't seem to catch.


      Any help would be appreciated