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Pack and Go Unoperability Over a VPN

Question asked by Keaton Warn on Oct 26, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Keaton Warn

I am having issues using Pack and Go over a VPN connection.


I can log into the network and Pack and Go assemblies contained in folders containing few files. However, the vast majority of the SolidWorks files I need to work on are located in a single folder that's over 2.5GB and over 2500 CAD files - mostly SW files, but a few DXFs as well.


For instance, when I open an assembly drawing to Pack and Go it, SolidWorks hangs up immediately after clicking the "Pack and Go" command. Again, I can get it to work when the folder containing the files is much smaller - it's just that copying the files I need to Pack and Go an assembly to a small temporary folder, making sure the files are linked, and then using Pack and Go is much more inefficient. I'm used to having SW stall for a few seconds as it gathers the appropriate files while using Pack and Go while locally connected to the network; but if I let it, SW would hang with the hourglass cursor all day using the VPN connection.


Is this a VPN bandwidth limitation of the Pack and Go function, or is there something I can change to make this feature usable while working remotely?