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    Pack and Go Unoperability Over a VPN

    Keaton Warn

      I am having issues using Pack and Go over a VPN connection.


      I can log into the network and Pack and Go assemblies contained in folders containing few files. However, the vast majority of the SolidWorks files I need to work on are located in a single folder that's over 2.5GB and over 2500 CAD files - mostly SW files, but a few DXFs as well.


      For instance, when I open an assembly drawing to Pack and Go it, SolidWorks hangs up immediately after clicking the "Pack and Go" command. Again, I can get it to work when the folder containing the files is much smaller - it's just that copying the files I need to Pack and Go an assembly to a small temporary folder, making sure the files are linked, and then using Pack and Go is much more inefficient. I'm used to having SW stall for a few seconds as it gathers the appropriate files while using Pack and Go while locally connected to the network; but if I let it, SW would hang with the hourglass cursor all day using the VPN connection.


      Is this a VPN bandwidth limitation of the Pack and Go function, or is there something I can change to make this feature usable while working remotely?

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          Bjorn Hulman

          Hi Keaton,

          Have you tried using pack and go from windows explorer? Or solidworks explorer? Right click the drawing and the menu should have solidworks amongst the list. Have SW closed.

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            Paul Risley

            I would say it is a VPN issue, I have to pack and go assemblies prior to working remotely.


            1 thing I would try would be the next time prior to leaving your office is set up Pack and go as simple as you can for settings, deselect all of the extra things like including drawings and see if that helps at all. You can re-select them once connected on a VPN to see if it has any effect on the hangup or not.


            Good luck, I like the ability to work remotely, but it does have it's limitations.

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                Keaton Warn

                Working locally, it still took at least a few seconds or even over a minute to Pack and Go relatively complex assemblies with all of the appropriate drawings. Since my observed network speed over the VPN is significantly slower (0.5 Mb/s at most, usually lower than that) I am pretty sure the VPN is the bottleneck here.


                However, I did create a workaround that can be done completely off-site using the VPN. I created a new temporary folder and copied all of the  linked part/assembly/drawing files for a given, small assembly from the large directory folder to it. I double checked the references once the copy/paste was done, and the references did update correctly. Using this small temporary folder (containing only what I need), I can easily Pack and Go the contents using the VPN. This means I can Pack and Go to a .zip folder, which is one thing I need to be able to do on a VPN on a regular basis. After I finish working with the temporary folder and update the large directory folder, I can delete the temporary folder.


                It's not elegant and isn't idiot proof, but it does seem to work.