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SolidWorks PDM Standard 2017

Question asked by David Lohrenz on Oct 25, 2017
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2018 by Gordon Rigg

At the company I work for we are attempting to implement an installation of SolidWorks PDM Standard 2017.

Vault is up and running, with a second vault set-up for testing purposes - so far so good.

I am now attempting to modify the quick start workflow to cut it back to its minimum as we are only a small design team and each user will be releasing their own work once modifications are complete.

Currently in the test vault it looks like this:

What I currently want to know is whether there is a way to make the status of the part become work in progress when a part is checked out of the vault automatically in PDM standard. Currently it seems that the user would have to modify the status before checking the part out - or it still shows as approved in the vault rather than being work in progress.

It might also be useful to add a loop that allows changes to a part to be made without changing the revision - don't know if the current workflow would allow that (unless the part was never set as WIP). I have seen an example of this, but that was in EPDM and might require an extra step in the workflow that I'd like to avoid if possible.

Also at the minute the version of the part seem to increment even if there are no changes - this seems to be driven a file having it status changed from WIP to Released - would this be regarded as normal behaviour.

Thanks in advance to anybody that attempts to help me with this.