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    Custom drawing symbols - architectural symbols.

    Ryan Mooney

      We are evaluating software for use in architectural mill work. We like all of SW capabilities but are put off with the very mechanical look and feel of drawing elements.


      I would like to create custom drawing labels, Section call-outs/labels and detail call-out/labels and elevation tags.


      I want these elements linked to the drawing view(s).

      We usually separate plan, elevations, sections and details on different pages so a detail call-outs will need to reference the initial view. Similar to how location labels work but we want more custom representations matching architectural work.

      Below are examples of what we want:


      Is any of this possible with the API?


      Drawing label example. Scale linked to the view. This would be for top, front and side views.


      Section call-outs similar to the 1st in the image rather than the last two that are standard in SW. Linked to the view and sheet like location labels.



      Square detail call outs with a leader to the call out symbol. Also linked like location labels.



      Finally elevation call-outs for the top view that will reference front and side views.


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          Mattew Stafford

          1. -You can have custom labels on your views.  I have one of them created in the "design library" under annotations:

          2. -You can also create names of views and scales via the document properties.  You would then create your drawing templates with the settings in this menu.

          3. - I can see in document properties, you can change the style of the section arrow, but I don't see where you can have a custom arrow.

          4. - I know that you can have any shape border on a "detail view", but I can't figure out how to make the border on the parent view the same shape.  Perhaps someone can chime in on this.

          5.  - I have not found elevation call-outs like you have shown, but that would be nice.


          I would suggest waiting for more input from more experienced SolidWorks users before you do anything based on my limited knowledge.  Because I am going to tell you that in my opinion, run as far away from Solidworks as you can.