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    Applying Custom Materials to Bodies

    Shane Sparks

      Is there a trick to applying custom properties to bodies properly.  I created a screen material for density purposes.  I thought it was applied, but it actually wasn't until I went in again and hit the density, then the apply button again.  I guess it would be nice to know when looking at the tree for each part that they are correct.




      Shane Sparks

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          Glenn Schroeder

          You can apply different Materials to separate bodies in a multi-body Part by expanding the cut list folder to the desired body and right-clicking as shown below.



          However, I'm not sure that answers your question.  If you're trying to apply a custom property to a body you can do that in the cut list properties.  Does this help?

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              Shane Sparks

              This helps on a separate issue Glenn, thx.  I think I just ran into a glitch in that I had to

              re-click on the density in a custom material, then hit apply.  The weights changed to correct values

              once I hit apply again.  Maybe the first time around I did not have the new density value applied correctly.

              You helped me in that I have parts that have different extrusions, so different materials are needed.