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Solidworks Visualize not saving transformation to texture mapping

Question asked by Tom Morton on Oct 25, 2017

I'm using solidworks visualize to create high quality renderings for marketings.  In the interests of speed and efficiency I'm building a library of custom materials that I'll be using.


I'm trying to create a new material that looks like powdercoated metal.  I've created this texture as below which works fine, but when I save it to file, it saves everything but the changes I've made in the "Transform" part of the Texture Mapping panel.  This is important as I've scaled the texture down a lot to make it correct, and at standard size the texture is way too big.  How can I save the material down correctly including the scaled down texture??



EDIT: Since looking into this more, I'm finding that every material I apply that has a texture mapped to it has this problem - the scale always seems to fit to the part it's on - if it's a large part it's a large scale and if a small part the scale is smaller.  If I apply the same material to 2 different size planes that are side by side they look different from each other because the texture is different and this reflects differently and looks different.  How can I prevent this happening?  It's not intuitive and if I want an accurate render I have to do a lot of extra work....