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    Simulation Material Issues

    Andrew Hamel

      I am having trouble apply a material in a simulation, and then running it. To elaborate, I have defined the material in the model itself, and and the material appears next to the part name in the simulation. However, when I right click on the part, and select "edit material" it acts as though nothing is applied. And even after applying again, SW stills says there is no material applied. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, and am running SW 2016.



      As you can see in the picture, the part is highlighted with a material assigned, however SW still says there is nothing applied no matter how many times I do apply it. This is a custom material I input into SW.SW Issue.PNG

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          J. Mather

          Can you attach the *.sldprt file here?

          Are you running a linear static analysis?

          Is Birch an isotropic material?


          Andrew Hamel wrote:

          ...As you can see in the picture,...


          Are you familiar with the Library/Category/Material structure (I ask because your image is not expanded and therefore useless as a source of information about the material).

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              Andrew Hamel

              I have attached all the files in the zip folder below, the assembly I was trying to run the analysis is in the part called "Total Plane Trial". From there you should be able to see the properties of the materials as well as the test I am trying to run.


              What I am trying to do is apply a load along the length of the wing, to see where the maximum stress is, as well as if the junction where the wing and the fuselage meet will break. Thanks for any help!

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              Bill McEachern

              the woods in the swx library have no material info and you can not modify them. You have to copy them into a custom material folder and then specify what properties you want and then select the material from that custom directory to get it to work. In my experience the whole material app is a bit flaky but it can be made to work with persistence. Sometimes it may change all the material inthe model tree to the material you change in simulation - keep an eye out for that.