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    MBD Overview Presentation

    Greg Kemner

      Does anyone have a MBD overview presentation that I can show to management to explain the benefits of MBD?  We are investigating using MBD and I need something brief that covers the key points.  Thanks!

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          Matt Peneguy

          I'm not too familiar with it.  But, I do remember people posting about SWW presentations.  Here are some from SWW 2017:

          SOLIDWORKS World 2017

          I'm sure you can find more at SWW 2016, too.

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            Casey Gorman



            Like Matt mentioned, the SWW presentation are the best place to start. Denise''s presentation as well as mine, are based on company approach and use.


            I will put together a longer response to your request in the near future, but reduced chance for misinterpretation and better quality parts are on the top of the list.



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              Oboe Wu

              Hi Greg,

              Attached is my slides presented at SOLIDWORKS World 2016. It was an introduction.

              Here is a detailed study on Proven MBD Value Metrics by Rockwell Collins, Geater Manufacturing and NIST.

              Hope they help.



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                Casey Gorman

                @Greg Kemner,

                The benefits of MBD are all based on the use of a single 3D file through the whole manufacture process.


                If you currently don't supply a STEP file to your suppliers from the quoting process on you will want to start. For MBD the standard is STEP 242. The STEP file is a derived file and isn't where your revision control should take place. Your SOLIDWORKS model (assembly) is your controlled document. This gives you just one file to worry about (benefit) through the whole design/manufacturer/build/tech pubs


                List of benefits can include:

                • Single file revision controlled
                • STEP file used by supplier to quote from (should reduce time needed to quote)
                • STEP file used by CAM file to generate tools paths
                • STEP file used by Inspection program (CMM, FARO Arm, ...) to inspect parts (first article, random checks in incoming)
                • SOLIDWORKS file or STEP to generate assembly documentation (written or video capable)
                • Ultimately it should reduce errors and provide a better quality product for your company by eliminating duplicate input at each stage, thus reducing time overall.


                What does STEP 242 give you? (SOLIDWORKS MBD is helpful to have to help these processes)

                • What ever you put on a drawing can be put into your SOLIDWORKS file
                • SOLIDWORKS saved as a STEP 242 will capture this information and convey it to other programs


                I hope this is a bit of help.


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                  Greg Kemner

                  Thanks for all the great feedback!  That is very helpful information.