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Question asked by Ben Catton on Oct 24, 2017

Whenever I add a decal to a part within a drawing and print or save to a PDF, JPEG, PNG etc, I get these weird trailing lines off of the decal. The lines are branching off of the R and B of the below picture. It only happens when I am exporting a drawing to PDF, JPEG, PNG etc. I have played around for countless hours to change settings to remove these lines but nothing changes. The lines appear even when I save to PDF, JPEG, PNG as opposed to printing to PDF. In print preview you can't see the trailing lines, only when the file is actually saved. When I print to a physical piece of paper, the lines do not show up. I have had a colleague try to print the exact same files to pdf, and no lines show up on his PDF, so it has to be a setting on my machine. I have tried using microsoft print to pdf, cutepdf, and other print to pdf tools. I am very frustrated, any help is appreciated.