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    Alexander Matuzov

      Hello, this question, probably already asked at the forum in advance I apologize.


      There is a task when approving the ".slprt" file to create a ".pdf" file and approve it.

      For this purpose, a task was created to create a .pdf file with the filling of the variable PDF_Approved with the value of Approve. A workflow has been created that includes all files in which there is a variable PDF_Approved with the value of Approve. Further, in this workflow, there is an auto transition, in which the revision number is increased and the revision is installed, and the Approve variable is deleted. The condition for the auto transition is the presence of the Approve value in the PDF_Approved variable. From the state it is authorized to automatically transition to the initial state, the transition condition is the absence of the Approve value in the PDF_Approved variable.


      The problem is that the approved version of the PDF will be in its original state and then for the sales department it will be necessary to configure the visibility of the files not being able to be approved, but in the "sorting state".


      The question is how to make it so when creating a PDF file it was automatically approved and remained in this state, but if the source file ".sldprt" was changed and the new version was approved, the ".PDF" file was upgraded and the approved versions could be viewed in the history.

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          Stavros Smith

          Hello Alexander,


          It appears to work.  You will need some way of updating the variable in the PDF file.


          You could either:

          -Add an action to reprint the PDF on transition to 'Sorting'

          -Create a dispatch action to run when SW file transitions back to 'Sorting'.  The action will need to checkin/checkout the pdf file and write the new value from the SW card to the pdf card.


          Kind regards,