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    Solidworks Extremely Slow Performance

    Gordon Farquhar

      I am using Solidworks Standard 2015 SP 4 and I am experiencing very poor performance when I attempt to create a new sketch. Solidworks can open previously made assemblies that are fairly complex and I can add in new components without any problems. I am able to create a new sketch and select a plane, however as soon as I go to draw using any of the sketch tools Solidworks either takes a couple of minutes to process it or it freezes completely. Does anyone have any advice/help/solutions for this issue?

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          Glenn Schroeder

          I'd ask for your system specs but since this is only when starting a sketch in a Part I'd guess the problem is a corrupt Part template.  Is this a custom saved Part template, or the default one from SW?  And if it's a custom template have you tried starting a new Part with the default SW template to see if you still have the same issue?

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            Jim Wilkinson

            Use SOLIDWORKS Rx from the start menu to run diagnostics to see if your card is supported and if so, if you are using the suggested driver.


            My guess is that you are using a Geforce card. If so, it is not officially supported and we have heard of very similar problems from other users and especially that a Windows update has changed drivers that has caused the problem.


            This thread has information from other users including drivers that have worked for some people.

            Slow performance with GTX960m in SW2016


            But, your best approach is to get a graphics card that is officially supported if you are using an unsupported one.