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    Multi Layer Appearance Rendering Problem

    Patrick Collands

      I'm running into a rendering error when stacking alpha masks in a multi layer appearance in Visualize Standard 2017 and 2018, and I was hoping someone here might have some insight. I am trying to create the appearance of text printed on a metallic label, applied to a polished aluminum rod.


      As I do not have access to cylindrical mapping for decals, (Visualize 2018 still says they are not supported when I try to import them) this is set up as a multilayer appearance with alpha textures. The foil decal is one layer, and the printed colors are separate layers. This all displays correctly in the preview window, as shown below.


      Untitled Project 2.png

      But when I attempt to make an Accurate render this image, several layers of the appearance do not render at all, as seen below.

      Untitled Project 4.png

      This behaviour is repeatable in Solidworks Visualize Standard 2017 and 2018. In 2017 it appears with any Fast or Accurate renderer. In 2018 I am getting correct behaviour with Fast, but Accurate still behaves as shown. I ultimately need to make accurate renderings of this part, and am at a loss on how to correct this.


      As a secondary note, all of the patch notes for Solidworks Visualize 2018 say that cylindrical and spherical decals are now supported, and can be imported from solidworks. Does anyone know why I'm still getting errors saying that decal types other than projection are not supported by Solidworks Visualize?

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          Ron Bates

          Regarding the enhanced decal support and ability to import all decal types from SOLIDWORKS; we had to delay it a bit.  The 2018 SP0 release notes indicate that despite the inclusion of this feature in what's new, it didn't make it into sp0.


          SOLIDWORKS 2018 SP0 Release Notes


          It's currently slated to go out with sp01.


          Regarding your issues with differences between Fast and Accurate, I can't say what's going on based on the description and pictures.  It looks like various parts are just invisible.  Can you share a project file (PM me if you like) or even a simplified example..???

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              Patrick Collands

              I'm PMing you a simplified version of this project that still exhibits the same issue. Let me know if you have any insight on this!

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                  Ron Bates

                  Hi Patrick,


                  OK.  This is a very weird one, but happens to be a known/reported bug related to smaller model scales, and specifically the use of multi-layer appearances in accurate, on these smaller scale models.  I actually wasn't aware of it until I looked at this with my colleague @Bastian who recalled seeing this bug in the system re: multi-layer and scale, and suggested I check the model size/scale.


                  Sure enough, if you scale the model to be a bit bigger, it starts working as expected.  I had to go to about 1.75x on the scale of the entire model (then Snap to Floor again).


                  Depending on what you're doing with the renderings and if/whether you have to consider the imported data in context of other projects, this workaround of scaling the model might not be a feasible option.  But hopefully it is...